BSK 1 – Exams

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Exam Dates

The post exam review of the exam Buildung Marterials 1 (written July 31 2019) will take place on Wednesday, August 28 from 09.30 - 11:00 a.m. in our room BF at Institute of Building Materials Research, Schinkelstr. 3.

Exam Results

will no longer be published here due to the new privacy policy but sent directly to the examination office. You can see your grades in your score. A grade change is still possible after post-exam review. If you have questions about the exam, please send us an .

Resources for the Exam

Students are only allowed to brings pencils and pens, a pocket calculator, and a triangle ruler to the exam. Other resources are prohibited and may be considered an attempt at cheating. If additional documents are needed for the exam, we will provide them.